VIVIDI provides key data to the River Rink pop-up concept by Dejsiprostor

Dejsiprostor, a Prague-based company specializing in turning ordinary locations into lively destinations through community and culture management and a high-quality mix of gastronomy, retail and services, used VIVIDI to evaluate their River Rink pop-up concept – an outdoors ice rink, which enlivened the River City office district in Karlín, Prague.

Participant at spartan race

footfall analysis

VIVIDI dashboard provided Dejsiprostor with useful insights about River Rink’s visitors in real-time. Organizers could evaluate key visitor characteristics such as demographics and occupancy in relation to the time of day.

Plug and Play installation

Dejsiprostor wanted a quick and simple solution for this project. From placing the order, it took only 72 hours to arrange and complete the installation. The installation itself was very simple and took only a few minutes and VIVIDI was ready to go.

No problem!

VIVIDI is water and dust-resistant. Even though the device was installed outdoors, it easily resisted Prague‘s harsh winter conditions. VIVIDI coped even with heavy snowfall and temperatures as low as -8 °C.

Features used for River Rink case study

  • Real-time footfall
  • Demographic information (sex, age)
  • Peak hours
  • Weather correlation

The purpose of VIVIDI was to measure the attractiveness of this concept and provide Dejsiprostor with information about the number of visitors throughout the day and their demographics. Based on this data, Dejsiprostor could asess the project’s successfulness more precisely and explore the potential of further similar projects.

Results of the visitor analysis at River Rink

  • On average about 300 visitors a day come to visit the skate rink
  • Fridays and weekends are the busiest days, with Friday, December 31, reaching as high as 622 visitors
  • On business days, the average peak time is after 5 PM
  • The demographics analysis showed that approximately 34 % of all visitors are women and 66 % are men
  • In both groups the most common age group is 25 to 34 years

Participant at spartan race

Snippet from the VIVIDI Dashboard showing data from the first week of analysis – 27.12. 2021 – 2.1. 2022

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