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Information-as-a-Service for efficient & innovative stores to monitor your KPIs

Information-as-a-Service for efficient & innovative stores

Measure the attractiveness of the store-front and its impact on converting passersby into visitors
Associate gender and age with each transaction to identify who brings the essential income
Eradicate dead spots and optimize store layout according to VIVIDI data heatmaps

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Our clients benefit from VIVIDI solution to understand customer behavior, sales conversion funnel, queue management and much more. View all the benefits below.

Eliminate time in queues

Measure the average time of client interaction at the point of sales, average queue size and time of queueing. Improve your service by dynamic staff optimization.

Store layout improvement

Optimize the store layout and improve customer experience. Adjust the distribution of goods in the store based on business intentions.

Real-time notifications

Detect unwanted behavior and get notification to take action. Prevent shoplifting and dangerous situations or manage the traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Measure the rate of returning and satisfied customers. Build their loyalty by improving your service and refine their experience in your retail store.

Customer segmentation

Know who your customer is. Detect their age and gender information and monitor preferences of each customer target group.

Maximize conversion rate

Measure the conversion rate at each stage of your customers journey and the average time they spend in your retail store.

Reduce the bounce rate

Measure the attractiveness of a storefront by counting the passersby conversion and reduce the number of visitors who enter and leave without browsing.

Identify the top spots

Identify the most frequented and the most abandoned areas of the store. Understand the importance of product placement and store layout.

Promotion events

Identify the best times to display a promotion or organize promotional events.

Personalized digital signage

Communicate the right message to the actual audience in real-time.

Marketing AB testing

Measure the difference of emotional response to each product or service.

Integration with POS

Integration with point of sales data to analyze AOV (average order value).

Peak hours

Identify peak hours and organize your staff accordingly.

Staff allocation

Organise the staff dynamically according to store occupancy.
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