Use Cases

Making your customers satisfied is the key of your success.
Vividi AI enables new possibilities and unlock new opportunities across almost any kind of industry.
Number one advantage of Vividi solution is its ability to adapt.
From banks to restaurants, from grocery stores to medical clinics, our team help you to find a perfect
way how to use power of Vividi so you can instantly adjust and improve your services.

Vividi Stay Safe

Restart your business and rebuild your customers’ trust after covid-19 pandemic. Monitor live occupancy levels in your store to keep your customers and staff safe.

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Vividi Stay Safe
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In-Store Analytics

Understand your customer’s behavior and adapt your business to their needs. Vividi’s AI provides you with real-time in-store analytics and allows you to measure the  efficiency of your marketing.

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Branch Analytics

Get a complete picture about your branch. Vividi AI provides real-time analytics of your clients so you can easily optimise your processes or measure the efficiency of your marketing and sales campaigns.

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Emotions Analytics

Want to know how your clients feel? Find out when they are satisfied with your service or when there's something you should improve. Get better insight into your business.

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Digital Out of Home Solution

Validate viewership, deliver the brand stories by audience demographics and emotions, and allow advertisers truly capture the attention of the  target audience. All in real time.

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Fire Safety

Fulfill the fire precautionary measures and get to know how many people are inside your building at the precise moment. Vividi enables you to see how many people are still in the building in the case of an emergency evacuation.

Office occupancy optimization

Do you optimize your workplace? Do you use hot desks in your office efficiently? How to find easily and quickly how many desks are free and where they are located? Vividi helps you optimize occupancy of your office and cut off the superfluous rental costs.

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Another Idea?

Vividi enables new possibilities in almost any kind of business.
Tell us about your industry and together we can discuss how Vividi
can help you to improve your services and be many steps ahead against competitors.