Office occupancy optimization

Utilize your workplace better
thanks to desk monitoring

Office occupancy optimization

Utilize your workplace better thanks to desk monitoring
Office occupancy optimization

Efficient and modern workplace

Vividi uses anonymized data to reduce your fixed costs.
It reveals:

  • how much is your workplace utilized
  • how much time people spend at each desk
  • the exact time of day when each desk is occupied
  • busy days and calm days at your workplace

Vividi Gen 2

Based on Vividi statistics you will save your expenses by reducing your office area and cutting the rent and the cleaning and energy costs. Or you will contribute to higher revenues by extending your workplace and increasing the productivity of your employees.

How it works

  • Install Vividi devices in your workplace
  • Set up zones and individual areas
    (your main points of interest)
  • Analyze anonymized occupancy data
  • Make data-based decisions which reduce costs for your company


Optimization of needed desks

Optimized number of required desks

Optimization of cleaning costs

of cleaning costs

optimization of working days

of working days

customized desk to employee ratio

Customized desk to employee ratio

reduced rent costs

Reduced rent costs

functional workplace

Functional workplace

increase in employee satisfaction

Increase in employee satisfaction

improvement of workforce productivity

Improvement of workforce productivity

What does Vividi do?

Vividi helps you manage your workplace by collecting both long-term and real-time occupancy data. The real-time information will help you immediately react to the rapidly changing workplace. The long term statistics help you make the right informed decisions about leverage utilization.

Save space. Save money.