Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about VIVIDI.

What technology powers Vividi and who developed it?

Vividi uses Edge AI technology that runs calculations locally on a hardware device. Therefore, it does not need to be connected to any server in the cloud which significantly reduces the operational costs. Edge AI allows real-time responses and ensures that video data are not stored nor sent anywhere which guarantees maximum data security. Both the software and hardware have been developed by the Iterait team.

What does it mean the data are anonymized?

Vividi respects privacy, no information allows to identify people from it so that the people whom the data describe remain anonymous. All the  analysis is generated inside the VIVIDI. No data is sent to the Cloud so the video record never leaves the device which increases the security of the data.

Does Vividi need to be plugged into the electricity?

Vividi runs on the electricity. If the device is disconnected from electricity, it stops operating. After plugging it into an electrical outlet, Vividi turns on automatically and connects to the last known Wi-Fi network. On the  locations with no electricity, the source can be substituted by a power bank.

Is it possible to adjust the functionality to my own purposes?

The device can be custom-made based on a various mix of predefined functions. If you need special features defined by your business-specific needs, our team is capable to customize Vividi functions to your own purposes.

Does Vividi work offline?

Yes, Vividi still executes the analysis even when it is not connected to WiFi. However, the  analysis is not updated on the dashboard. It remains in the last version of time when it was connected.

Can I use Vividi outside?

No, unfortunately not yet, current version of Vivivdi is not waterproof. We are working on a new generation of Vividi which will be adjusted to both internal and external conditions.

How many people is Vividi able to recognize at once?

Hundreds. The number of recognized people is not limited by the technology. The only limitation is the camera field of view.

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