KPIs Beyond the Footfall – Heatmaps, Queues and Real-Time Modules

KPIs Beyond the Footfall – Heatmaps, Queues and Real-Time Modules

KPIs Beyond the Footfall

Part 2 - Heatmaps, Queues and Real-Time Modules

In our previous blog , we discussed KPIs included in our Footfall and Conversions Modules. In this part, we will explain further more specialized KPIs.

Data for the seamless space utilization

Data from the HEATMAPS MODULE explore how customers are utilizing the store space. These insights help to identify the most frequent traffic flows. They also help find the areas with the highest impression count as well as the store blind spots. You can also compare floor plans between each other and monitor trends and their changes over time.

technology for customer insights in physical locations


Specialized and targeted metrics from our QUEUES and REAL-TIME MODULES

Standing in line is among the most frustrating experiences for any shopper, and it is a negative driver of customer satisfaction. Eliminating friction at checkout is critical in the world of competition with online queue-free shopping. Therefore QUEUE MODULE is crucial for a better customer experience development. VIVIDI AI sensors provide cost-effective measurements of people waiting in lines, accurately surfacing line length, time, peaks, and forecasts.

technology for customer insights in physical locations
Other metrics to consider

VIVIDI EMOTION MODULE recognizes multiple emotions, such as anger, happiness, sadness, and surprise. Using our custom aggregation algorithm, VIVIDI determines the mood of each customer on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 – 8 means very happy, 7 – 4 means neutral, and 3-1 unhappy. During its operation, VIVIDI continuously searches for people to analyze their facial expressions. This is an important metric for feedback from your clients.

technology for customer insights in physical locations


One interesting metric for shopping mall operators could be the Store Index which indicates the performance of a selected tenant and is measured by store conversion divided by revenue per customer. This delivers the percentage for Store Conversion data (store visitors to store passersby ratio). And when combined with the mall tenant’s monthly revenue, STORE INDEX is calculated. Thanks to Store Index, you can then easily identify each tenant’s performance.

technology for customer insights in physical locations


This was the introduction to the major VIVIDI KPIs that can help to improve your business, but there are many more KPIs that VIVIDI solutions can deliver. Our clients select just the modules needed for improving the business. Just like Google Analytics which is critical for any online business as it provides a holistic view of the effectiveness of your marketing and website, in-store customer analytics solutions for retail are critical for any physical retail location.

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